Paul Graves

Gamewide Event

Our first one! The next one will be a party at the Malfoys'.

The Helpful Herbs and Practical Plants Conference will be held, starting July 1, mundane time. Please feel free to post about this event on or after that date.

The Confernece is an open forum on potion-making and a marketplace for rare herbs. If any of your characters would be interested in this, please feel free to have them participate.

I'm looking to stir up some activity in here!

Two Alleys RPG

Azkaban in Two Alleys RPG

2a_persephone's player Dave has made the suggestion of the Bell Rock Lighthouse as the location for Azkaban Prison. The idea is for the prison to be underwater.

From Dave: The area has long been known for shipwrecks (go Dementors!) and is far enough off the coast to be out of ready sight. The Muggles know about it, but there are enough charms around it so they don't get TOO curious, and the prison itself is underground AND underwater. I bet the wizards still call it Inchcape, the old name for the Rock.

What do you all think?

Two Alleys RPG

New Character!

All Persephone St. Armand's character sheet is up in two_alleys. Her author is Dave McCombs, a longtime friend of mine from Pern fandom. He is the creator of the infamous Lord Kirebal of Three Rapids Hold, of StarRise Weyr. This won't mean anything to most of the players in this game, but believe me--it means Persephone will be an intriguing character indeed. (g)

Welcome, Dave!

Two Alleys RPG

Game Policy Updates

I've written an update to the game rules page. The update is primarily changes to the slash and yaoi policies and additional paragraphs explaining about private and selective post warding, as well as ward-breaking.

I'm also working on a uniform character sheet format.

Question: Do we want something similar to SPH's Ward and Wall, or do we even need that?

Another feature I'm going to add is a list of spell-words we create for the game and a description of what they are to be used for. Once a spell word has been created, any author is free to use it.

Note to self: Must include the Ent spell. Does anyone have suggestions for any others?
Two Alleys RPG

Slash and Yaoi Policy

I'm considering getting rid of the 'Slash and Yaoi Policy' section of the 'To Join' page for this game. The students are all adults and able to make their own choices, so maybe it's a bit much for me to place these restrictions on the game, which are primarily meant for games with younger characters. Plus, I don't want to come across as prudish.

All I'm really trying to say in those policies is, "Let's keep our teachers ethical, and let's not change Rowlings' main characters beyond recognition.

But if the students are adult and graduated, then having relationships with former students isn't unethical; it just makes me personally think, Eww.

As for slash, my main thought was that I didn't want scads of people coming in wanting to do Harry/Draco, Hermione/Snape, or whatever. But I don't think the flavor of this game would appeal to those sorts of players, anyway, so why even bother to have the policy, at all? I even state that I don't mind Rowling's relationships changing in-game, as long as it's justified by story. So I might as well just have everything be flexible. I just wanted to explain up front the sort of game I'd like for this to be.

I think I'm starting to ramble now, so I'll shut up and reread this post, to make it more coherent and less babbly. (g)